Muse S 2nd Generation

Sale price$430.00

 Quality sleep restored with this at-home device. The Muse S- 2nd Generation is your personalized sleep tracking device. This wearable soft headband has built-in software that allows you to get detailed information about your sleep quality and patterns. You can use this information to personalize a sleep improvement program.

The Muse S- 2nd Generation is also an at-home neurofeedback to track, train and transform your brain functioning.

In addition, you can purchase a subscription (sold separately) to the Muse S- 2nd Generation Bundle, which gives you access to 500+ guided meditations on focus, stress, sleep, and more.

  • See your brain activity after every meditation.
  • Track how much time you spent in a calm, focused state.
  • Understand how many times you lost focus while meditating.
  • Use insights from the Muse app to improve the quality of your meditation practice

And, the Muse S- 2nd Generation bundle gives you the ability to pair headband with your favorite external apps.